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Sunday, December 21, 2014


We hope that you are having an enjoyable Christmas season. May we all slow down enough to enjoy it. It has been amazing to see the shift towards freedom that has been taking place in this country. There is much to do yet, but a shift is taking place and it is towards freedom. With this momentum we must not get complacent. 

The issues with the lands in the west should be highest on the list. History proves that whoever controls the land and the resources control the people. Everything we eat, wear, live in and so on comes from the land, even this computer I am typing on came from the land. All economics, both local and abroad, depend directly on the land and the resources. True prosperity and self reliance is accomplished by harvesting the resources while caring for the land. 

Our foes understand power and have taken great measures to control the land and resources. These facts were also very clear to our founders, they took great effort to ensure that the land and resources would remain in the people hands, were it is most safe. 

Control the land and the resources and you possess the power to manipulate the people and/or oppress them. This is a historical fact. The head thinkers in these federal agencies clearly understand these facts and have become modern day conquers. 

We have posted some maps to give you a visual of how much they have taken.

1- Controlled by percentage. Western lands 51%, Eastern lands 1.4% 

2, 3 - What each federal agency is claiming as their own.

4- Wild fires by satellite - caused by not allowing the forest to be logged and thinned.

5- Land that has human restricted access by federal agencies.

6- Minerals that are being locked away from the people and reserved for the federal agencies to gain.

There is much to be done. All of the land and resources in the maps above are all being held from the people intentionally and illegally. (A1, S8, C17 USC)

The Bundy family and many others are working hard to make these issues right. We believe that correcting these matters will bring tremendous freedom to the people. We know that if the people will stay aware and active it can be accomplished

Monday, December 8, 2014


This painting of my dad is AMAZING! I am flooded with emotion every time I look at it. The feelings of pain, fear, anger, gratitude and the comfort I felt from my Heavenly Father all comes flooding down my face in big alligator size tears. I will never forget these feelings!
I am so proud to say CLIVEN BUNDY IS MY DAD! I am his biggest fan. He is one of my biggest Heroes. -Bailey

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Pray For America


America needs to have a conversation.
Not about who deserves something and who doesn’t.
It’s not about whether Cliven Bundy deserves to graze his cattle on the land of his fathers, 
But whether he has the right to stand up for himself.
America needs to have a conversation.
Not about wether Officer Darren Wilson has the right to defend himself, 
But whether one American has more rights than another.
America need to have a conversation my brothers.
Not about whether I am my “brother’s keeper,” but whether God will honor us for being brothers.
America needs to have a conversation. 
Not about whether our government has all the answers,
But whether we’ll have a conversation with the One who does have all the answers,
And to choose love instead of hate.
It’s time to have a conversation.
Pray For America
In April of 2014 I went down to Nevada to visit with the Bundy family with the idea of doing a painting. I was apprehensive, not knowing what to paint that would reflect the conflict in a proper way. As I arrived I was expecting to see a large ranch like the Ponderosa, but was met by humble people in a simple home who prayed together and spoke of their love for America. 
I was told the firsthand story of their struggle with the BLM to maintain their ranch that had been in the family for generations. As I was preparing to leave, Cliven asked to speak with me privately. He wanted to share some ideas for future paintings. He hoped I would paint a picture that would tell the story of the people who had worked hard to settle Clark County. Then he wanted to know if I could paint something to show the plight of the minorities in America. He was concerned about black Americans who are living on the dole of the US government and need to be freed from oppression. He spoke of the hard living conditions for them and also the Latino people who struggle in America. He had tears in his eyes as he rehearsed almost the same things he would notoriously speak the following day and bring the media’s ire crushing down upon him. Some have said, “Cliven should have kept his mouth shut. Those old school cowboys are just racist.” I think Cliven is the farthest thing from being a racist. He is a man of the West who loves his country and loves other people. There are many who don’t like him because he is different. He doesn’t just do what he’s told and say what he’s supposed to say.
I thought about what I should paint and felt that this painting is bigger than one man. It’s about what is important to America. What have we become? Why must people hate each other for a word? Why can’t people fight for their freedoms to the extent they fight against racial hatred? Why can’t we hug each other instead of hurt each other? 
When you see this painting, the way you view it is a reflection of the world you choose to live in. If you see racism, hate, oppression, and religious diatribe, you surely won’t like this painting. If you see the love of country, family and a prayer to the God who loves all men and women regardless of race or color, you understand what I meant when I painted, PRAY FOR AMERICA.