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I have roamed the Gold Butte area for 25 years and seldom do I come across Bundy's cattle. 900 cattle? What an exaggeration! The few hundred cattle that are there are doing no harm. They are certainly not destroying anything. I see no dead tortoises as a result of these cattle ranging out there. I see no trampled and dead vegetation due to herds of roaming, wild cattle. They are fine just where they are at. People will rarely ever see them if they go out to Gold Butte. What are the wildlife going to do if Bundy were do as the BLM has ordered and remove all his improvements out there. DIE!!! Gold Butte is desert. It is a harsh, dry land for most of the year. The wildlife don't know or care that a rancher maintains those water sources. All they know is that water has been there for over a hundred years. It has always been there. It is dependable. Do you really believe that these environmental groups are concerned about the wildlife? Obviously not. I hope that Bundy can have the help on NOT REALLY ABOUT COWS OR TURTLES
on 4/18/12
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on 4/18/12
I had no idea this was going on. The push of our government is horrendous! They bully and bully, assuming a 'cowboy/rancher' isn't smart enough to know the difference. I love that 'we,the people' know our rights better then they! I, and my family, support you and pray for your strength. God bless on Q's And A's
on 4/18/12
Dear Cliven, Thank you for taking the time to talk with me today! I really appreciate it. I know first hand how hard this is but also know how important it is that we all take a stand. Please don't hesitate to call on us. I will be following your case closely. We will be praying for you and your family Thanks for making a difference. God Bless Annette Fuentes on Q's And A's
on 4/16/12
We love you Grandpa. Thank for standing up for what's right even though it is hard. on Q's And A's


  1. I have seen first hand what the Fed's will do once you get on their radar and trust's not pretty! Mr. Bundy, if you need another gun hand, please respond.

  2. Im LDS and I find Harry Reid a blight upon the name of the Church. I have thought and prayed upon this, and I find that your fight is also my fight. If I could speak with one of your militia there I would provide what I can for your defense. And thank you for your upholding the LDS structure in this matter . 1 208 926 0160

  3. The Elite establishment Globalists want to thin out the world population like we are a bunch of rats its just that simple and they are doing things to cause this to happen , This person even says with the Chem trails the rate of Crop production is on the Decline as well as Solar Panel absorption is reduced so Reid is Blowing smoke on the Push for solar panels out in Nevada !!!!

    And if they don’t get ya that way they can get you at the end , when
    they decide you time to end , listen to Mark Halperin – Senior
    Political Analyst for Time magazine at 8:00 about the Liberal Reporter
    saying Yes Death Panels exist and that they are needed to Bend the cost
    curve on end of life care .

  4. I love this story , and Bundy is a Hero for making the stand tat is causing the change we need to see here !!!!!!!
    Western lawmakers gather in Utah to talk federal land takeover
    ‘It’s time’ » Lawmakers from 9 states gather in Utah, discuss ways to take control of federal lands.

  5. I want to personally thank the Bundy's for giving me HOPE that we can turn this train wreck around. When I saw the cattle being freed I was overcome with hope for the first time in my life. Maybe we can take back what has been stolen from us by the Feds. I know that was only one battle in this war but every 1000 mile journey begins with one step. I hope that We the people wake up now from our sleep induced amnesia soon. I live on the east side of this country and am so excited to see real men and women stand together for what they believe. When those people walked toward those guns because they were willing to die for their freedom...well, I am a true believer now that WE really can.Please be careful because we know that ole Sam will not go quietly. I fear for all your lives out there but would stand beside you if I were not 2000 miles away.
    AND please stop calling the women old ladies... :)

  6. Clinton/Obama cronies behind Bundy showdown

  7. I've found it typical for paid 'public servants' to get on blogs and attempt to move public opinion. See it on my local 'newspaper' board all the time.
    Change agents.

  8. I would like to come out and show my support and drive down from Washington State.
    Which brings questions:
    What supplies can I bring and donate to the cause? (Water, food, shelter, etc)
    What is available for places to stay? (places to camp, campers/RV, near by hotels)
    What are the bathroom facilities at the site?
    Can we help to repair some of the damages caused by the BLM? Items and materials and equipment needed?

    Could you post something on your website that describes these things for people that want to come down for a day, weekend, or extended amount of time.

    Thanks and God Bless

  9. Wish I could have joined you all at the ranch Friday! I am sure everyone really enjoyed themselves and so glad they got to meet you and your family and others who share the same concerns that initiated this whole situation.Watching everything that is taking place and always praying for you! Can you imagine them calling those little baby cows "domestic terrorists"!! LOL!! When I watch that video of them being released back onto the land, I get the biggest smile on my face... they were so happy to be Free!!!! Have a wonderful Easter Sunday! Love and Best Wishes!

  10. It is the Godly against the wicked.

    This is my prayer: (do learn to pray as I lead you all)

    Thank You, Father for your unfailing love that endure forever

    Let my word be carry out as I pray as your anointed son

    Then you will trample on the wicked; they will be ashes under the soles of your feet on the day when I act,” says YHWH Almighty. (Mal. 4:3 )

    Let the Word of YHWH be fulfilling in your life and all that are with you, Jerry Delemus as YHWH called you by name.

    Let your enemies turn back; stumble and perish before you. For oh YHWH uphold the the right and the cause of Jerry Delemus and his troops ; as you YHWH sat your throne, judging righteously. (Ps. 9:3-4)

    As I speak, so shall it be in the name of your begotten son Christ Jesus, Yashua, our King. Amen.

  11. Check this out. It just came in.
    Accused By Congressman Of Illegal Action At Bundy Ranch
    He cites a severe violation of U.S. Code -- 43 U.S.C. Section 1733, Subsection C
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    B. Christopher Agee — April 18, 2014
    After the federal Bureau of Land Management agents backed down from their intimidating stance at the Bundy Ranch last weekend, ample evidence has surfaced indicating the standoff between the government and the Nevada ranching family is far from over. Throughout the weeklong stalemate, members of the Bundy family were physically assaulted by armed officers, numerous cows were shot dead, and protesters faced threats of gunfire for merely expressing their outrage.
    Immediately after what many considered a victory against a tyrannical federal agency, a number of leftist voices – most notably, Sen. Harry Reid – indicated the action against this family will continue.
    In response, Texas Republican Rep. Steve Stockman sent a letter to Barack Obama, Department of the Interior Sec. Sally Jewell, and BLM Director Neil Kornze, laying out his position that any such action by the agency would violate the U.S. Constitution.
    “Because of this standoff,” he wrote, “I have looked into BLM’s authority to conduct such par amilitary raids against American citizens, and it appears that BLM is acting in a lawless manner in Nevada.”
    He cited the limited powers granted to the federal government, noting the bureau has no “right to assume preemptory police powers, that role being reserved to the States,” and explained “many federal laws require the federal government to seek assistance from local law enforcement whenever the use of force may become necessary.”
    The letter included a section of the U.S. Code — 43 U.S.C. Section 1733, Subsection C — stating exactly that point. [Emphasis Stockman's]
    “When the Secretary determines that assistance is necessary in enforcing Federal laws and regulations relating to the public lands or their resources he shall offer a contract to appropriate local officials having law enforcement authority within their respective jurisdictions with the view of achieving maximum feasible reliance upon local law enforcement officials in enforcing such laws and regulations.”
    In the case of the Bundy Ranch, he continued, “the relevant local law enforcement officials appear to be the Sheriff of Clark Count y, Nevada, Douglas C. Gillespie.”
    Gillespie, however, conspicuously took a back seat to BLM forces during the standoff.
    “Indeed,” Stockman wrote, “the exact type of crisis that the federal government has provoked at the Bundy ranch is the very type of incident that Congress knew could be avoided by relying on local law enforcement officials.”
    The stated purpose of the correspondence is for the Obama administration “to bring the BLM into compliance with 43 U.S.C. section 1733.”
    Absent a full investigation into the agency’s actions, he concluded, “the federal government must not only stand down, but remove all federal personnel from anywhere near the Bundy ranch.”
    Legislators and law enforcement personnel have stood alongside state militia members and the Bundy family in opposing the excessive force employed by the BLM. Stockman’s letter adds even more weight to the growing sentiment against the federal overreach.

  12. April 14, 2014

    People often ask what can one person do when they see our country crumbling around us. This weekend I saw what one person can do. I witnessed one man who refused to cooperate with a government that wanted to put him out of business. I saw one man who refused to submit to wickedness. I saw one man with unbelievable courage. I am, of course, talking about Cliven Bundy.

    There is only one way to describe Cliven Bundy—he is a hero. He is the type of person I used to read about when I was a child. He is a person who stands up for what is right and refuses to back down no matter what anyone else says or does. By being a hero he helped fight for my freedom and for that I am forever grateful.

    I didn’t think that the heroes of my childhood still existed and it moves me to tears to see that they still do. Our America has hope.

  13. If you still have the paperwork from when your grandfather purchased the grazing rights, I think it would be great if you took a picture of it and posted it on Facebook. Let that one spread around.

  14. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand what is happening in Nevada, as I am sure the Nevada people understand all to well, at least those who have been on the land as long as Bundy's. I did some research on Nevada's history, and it appears the Federal Government breached the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, which states:

    The United States government pledged that the territory given up by Mexico "shall be formed into free, sovereign, and independent states and incorporated into the Union of the United States as soon as possible, and the citizens thereof shall be accorded the enjoyment of all the rights, advantages and immunities as citizens of the original 13 states."

    When Nevada became a state, the provisions for statehood were violated and the Federal Government breached the public trust by ignoring the 1845 U.S. Supreme Court case, Pollard vs Hagan. The Supreme Court had held that such conditions were in violation of the U.S. Constitution and therefore void.

    "We think the proper examination of this subject," said the court, "will show that the United States never held any municipal sovereignty, jurisdiction, or right of soil in and to the territory of which Alabama or ANY OF THE NEW STATES were formed;

    Thus the provision requiring the people of Alabama to release all title to public lands to the United States, the court said "..would have been void and inoperative, because the United States have no constitutional capacity to exercise municipal jurisdiction, sovereignty, or eminent domain, within the limits of a state, or elsewhere.

    So, the feds violated the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, violated the provisions for statehood, ignored the US Supreme Court, breached the public trust, laid claim to land which is Constitutionally mandated the Feds CANNOT own, and continues to unilaterally enforce provisions through it's agent the BLM, run by Neil Kornze, former adviser to Harry Reid. The BLM have been hassling ranchers for decades. Look what they did to the Hage family. Read the case United States v Hage.

    The Feds have no lawful jurisdiction, the Federal court orders have no force and effect and are a mere nullity. See Marbury v Madison which states:

    "No provision of the Constitution is designed to be without effect,” “Anything that is in conflict is null and void of law”, “Clearly, for a secondary law to come in conflict with the supreme Law was illogical, for certainly, the supreme Law would prevail over all other laws and certainly our forefathers had intended that the supreme Law would be the bases of all law and for any law to come in conflict would be null and void of law, it would bare no power to enforce, it would bare no obligation to obey, it would purport to settle as if it had never existed, for unconstitutionality would date from the enactment of such a law, not from the date so branded in an open court of law, no courts are bound to uphold it, and no Citizens are bound to obey it. It operates as a near nullity or a fiction of law.”

    Thank YOU Bundy's for standing up against the unlawful feds, who decimated the Indians, stole most of the land in the west, and continue to operate as rogue squatters on the land which belongs to the sovereign peoples of Nevada.

    May those who surround your ranch, such as Cedar Hills Development Corp, Reid Bunkerville LLC, Zion Bancorp, and the Reid Family Trust not profit from your demise and run you off the land your forefathers developed the water on from a worthless desert to a well managed and useful Gold Butte.

    Thanks for your impeccable stewardship.

    All eyes are watching this sage and we see what's going on, and I'm just an urban carpenter who knows nothing about nothing, except for what is right in front of my eyes. I see you Cliven. You are awesome.

  15. Why doesn't the state of Nevada just amend its Constitution? Problem solved for federal oversight of public lands.

  16. Happy Easter to the Bundy family and all those that are supporting and on watch. God bless you all, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  17. Hello the Bundys,
    Is this Before It's News Article accurate?
    Haven't received an email from you since Friday. Hope you're all okay.

  18. Please read my two cents and review of the situation at the Bundy Ranch in detail. The Bundys stand in the way of the politically corrupt Harry Reid machine and his man who runs the BLM, and their disgusting land grabs...and Ried and this administration are willing to use the full force of the Federal government to push folks like the Bundys aside unless we the people continue to stand up against it. Here's my page about this:

    My Two Cents: The Bundy Ranch and Freedom in America

    God bless you Bundys! And watch over and keep you. May God in Heaven and His Son, Jesus Christ...the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob...continue to keep you in His Almighty Hand, and may the people of this nation rally to the cause of freedom and liberty. That is the promise of this land, if we will simply follow the God of this land, who is Jesus Christ, He has promised that we shall remain free.

  19. Funny how all these folks going off about freedom and property rights for a multimillionaire rancher suddenly go silent when it happens to a dirt poor Indian .

  20. People, Wake Up!!!! The U.S. Constitution defines Treason and it's punishment. War upon the citizenry of the united states constitutes Treason! Follow the money trail and traitors guarding their fifedoms of authority with their abuses of authority. Note that they are paranoid, buying armaments and ammunition, forming military authority to further abuse the american citizenry of the united states. Every one whom commits a crime removes their eleventh amendment immunities and is subject to prosecution. But who trusts the courts? They are all officers of the court. They protect each other with their clever arguments and corrupt actions. Obviously this goes all the way to the top of the manure pile. Any one whom does not fear their government abuses of authority, is part of the problem, not part of the solution. The rampant ignorance out there is repugnant. The lack of thinking in this modern world is repugnant. Only fools will not research and do not try to understand. Wise people will study John Locke's treatises on government which gives the sensible, logical arguments and solutions you all need. Stop being mis-informed from the mainstream media. Actually study and you shall see the atrocities committed upon the people, by people that should be recalled. People want the us constitution back. People want all these federal laws and agencies removed from power, as they have abused it. People want this country to be functioning again without the strangle hold of government. People have a right to the land, not some agency that doles it out to the top dollar for someone's personal gain, whether directly or not. People want to be able to succeed, without government interference,which has proven to put the people out of work. You need to understand, People like Cliven Bundy, his family, and those like him, are the reason you eat. They know how to manage the land and animals and business and so much more. Most city slickers have no concept of what is going on nor what is truly involved. The do not understand Grandfathered Rights. And so much more that it is rediculous. I Commend each and every person who supported Cliven Bundy. Thank you too, for your Service for the american people.

  21. My prayers and thoughts go out to the Bundys.

    I wanted to let you know about the movement to have common law grand jury's that would be very helpful to your family in the current situation. Please look at the web site

    Look at this case:

    We very much need your help in getting the word out.

  22. Dear Bundy's: The case handed down should be very useful to your lawyer!!

    "This decision is landmark for Western ranchers,” Hage commented from the family’s Pine Creek Ranch in Nevada. “I am pleased to announce for the ranchers of the Western states that it has been proven that a permit is not simply a revocable privilege, but rather there is a property interest in the permit for the purpose of the Due Process Clause, both procedural and substantive. This is important because it will safeguard rancher’s rights and historical grazing practices."


    I'll be there the last 2 weeks of May to stand watch. See you then.

  23. The BLM has claimed one reason for control of the Bundy land is to protect the Desert Tortoise, which is a commendable objective, but does not seem to be backed by research. The following is a link to a paper done in 1990 showing very believable justification that cattle grazing compliments the existence of the tortoise.

    Please read.

  24. Breaking News...

  25. Don't back down Bundy's! Screw the Feds ...


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