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Tuesday, March 31, 2015


The resources committee hearing details are below, we need everyone we can get to come to one of the locations during the hearing. It does not matter if you live in Nevada or not. This will set a precedence and other states will follow. Please take time off and make this a priority.

Hearing Meeting: Tuesday, March 31, 2015 1:30 PM   (TODAY)


Room 3138 of the Legislative Building, 401 S. Carson St., Carson City, NV.

Video conferenced to Room 120, High Tech Center, Great Basin College, 1290 Burns Rd, Elko, NV

Video conferenced to Room 4401 of the Grant Sawyer State Office Building, 555 E. Washington Ave., Las Vegas, NV.


Link to the Bill

Thursday, March 26, 2015



Here are the links 

  • Go this link to show support for the bill  select bill number AB408, select FOR, and put in your name and address. This is the official website for the Nevada Legislature and legislators use it to determine public support. If you are a citizen of Nevada it is a bonus, but it does not matter where you live, we need the support of all the States around us including those out east. Please click on the link and fill in the form to show your support for the bill.

  • Show up in Carson City, March 31st at 9 am. Over 15 Nevada State Legislators sponsored the NRR bill and have asked that we fill the house during the committee hearing. We must show up in person and make our presents known. If we fill the house, the committee will pass it and the talk of the 2015 session will be the NRR bill (AB408). With enough of your physical support in Carson City the committee will pass the NRR bill and it will have a substantial chance of becoming Nevada law soon after. We have many rooms booked and buses chartered from Las Vegas and Phoenix. If you plan on coming to Carson City click on this link to receive further information.

  • Send this email to your family and friends and ask them to support as well. 

Here is a link to the bill:

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


-The NRR bill will be given a bill number and will be available to view in it's legal form on the Nevada State Legislators website on Wednesday the 18th. We will post the link here. The following is the outline-

Objectives                  – Page 1
Talking Points            – Page 2,3
Legislative Actions     – Page 4,5,6


Identify, restore and protect the people’s rights in Nevada to their lands, resources and minerals.

Stop the un-constitutional federal administration and disposal of the land, resources and minerals inside the State of Nevada.

Create a fair tax to the owner of the resource rights based on the production from the land, resources or minerals, paid to the county and/or the State. 

Purpose of the tax
·      Bring legitimacy to the resource rights of the people that own them
·      Mutually invest the State and the counties in protecting the peoples resource and rights 
·      Create a tax revenue for the State and counties that will motivate the State and the counties to protect the resource rights of the people

Foundational Principle

·      Preservation of rights requires the owner to claim their right, use the right as their own and be willing to defend their rights.
·      Prior Appropriation (first in time, first in Right)
·      Beneficial Use (established use, established right)
·      Adverse Possession (Use it, or loose it)
·      Private Property, (rights to the beneficial use of the resources on or in private property)
·      Multiple use (right owner such as ranchers, miners, loggers sharing the use of common land including the publics right to access, camp, hike, drive on the roads, etc.)

Talking Points

-Nevada public land and resources belongs to the people of Nevada

-According to their own laws the federal government have no right to own or administer land, resources or minerals inside the State (except for specific purposes); it belongs to the people of Nevada to administer.

- Even on private property the federal government is claiming that they own all the resources on or your land, even the dirt, and if you transferred or sold it you could be prosecuted and put in prison.

-The federal government is illegally claiming 89% of Nevadan's land and resources including the minerals.

-The federal government is restricting more and more human access to public lands each year. This year (2015) they are proposing a 280% increase in Southern Nevada. If allowed, the Southern Nevada people will have less access to their land than any other people in the history of this country.

-The federal government is illegally claiming over 50% of the land west of the Colorado Rockies. East of the Rockies, they claim less than 4% (See map below).

-Federal bureaucrats are illegally selling Nevadan's land, resources and minerals, and creating tremendous wealth for themselves.

-Nevada will never be able to fully pay its own bills as long as the federal government is taking the profits from the land and resources.

-If we do not stop the sale of the land and resources, Nevada will be left holding an empty bag with no rights to fill it.

-The federal government is not following their own laws in owning or administrating land inside a State. (Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 - U.S. Constitution)
The laws the feds must follow to legally own or administer land inside a State;
·      They must have consent from the State legislature
·      They must purchase it
·      They can only use it for military bases, dock yards and other needful buildings (open public land is not on the list)

-At the moment of Statehood everything changes, no longer does the federal government have authority to administer the land, resources or minerals inside the State. It becomes the people of the States right and duty to govern the land. (See 10th Amendment, Article 4, 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, of the U.S. Constitution, etc.)
-Because of the aridness of the land and slow population, Nevadan's land & other resources were used differently than the eastern States, this gave the federal government opportunity to illegally claim the land for themselves.

-The federal government considers approximately 90% of Nevada to be U.S. Territory and not the State of Nevada. If this were correct, Nevada would be among the ten smallest States in the country comparable to man.  

-When Nevadan’s are on land administered by the federal government, they are not considered by the feds to have full constitutional rights, or a right to be protected by the State of Nevada.

-As long as the federal government is administering the land, Nevadan’s rights will continue to be taken & abused.

-The federal government is now willing to use lethal force to keep Nevadan’s from using their land and resources.

-The greatest danger Nevadan’s will face in the future if not corrected, is federal bureaucrats taking over their rights, especially the lands & resources.

-When the federal government becomes predatory it is the duty of the State to protect the rights of the citizen. 

-Since 1864 Nevada has been a State, not a Territory.  Nevada is being treated like a 2nd class State.

-Without the right to use the land and resources Nevadan’s will forever be at the mercy of the feds, everything we eat, wear, or use comes from the land in some way.

-Nevadan’s should not have to deal with the threat of the government coming to take away their homes and livelihoods.

Feds have over the past 50 years manipulated the mineral rights from the people of Nevada.

Nevadan’s have suffered tremendous economic hardships because they are being locked away from their rights to use the land and the resources.

History shows that once a central government claims and begins to use the people’s land and resources as their own, the people are unable to protect any of their rights.


Legislative Actions

Step 1

1.     Expand the Nevada Water Rights Registry(s) to include grazing, mineral, and logging rights, as well as rights to other resources within the boundaries of the State of Nevada. Follow the pattern of the Nevada Water Right Registry (or) Change the name of the “Nevada Division of Water Resources” to “Nevada Division of Resources” (or), create another register called the Nevadan’s Resource Rights Registry (NRR).

2.     Provide a way for the people to register their resource rights in the (NRR) or in some other way. Resource rights can be claimed and registered based on the principles of Prior Appropriation (first in time, first in right) and Beneficial Use (established use, established right). Resource rights will be identified with a priority date, usage for, defined geographic boundary, and the current beneficial user.

How to identify the resource rights and owners:
·      Grazing: Identify the current beneficial user of the stock-watering rights (as registered with the Nevada Division of Water Resources) in each geographic boundary. Grazing priority date is equal to the water right priority date. Geographic grazing boundaries were documented in 1934 and are on file.
·      Water: Currently registered with the Nevada Division of Water Resources. All illegal titles will need to be reclaimed; beneficial user will have first in line.
·      Mineral: Identify by deed or staked claim date and claimant’s continued mining, exploration or production activities.
·      Private Property: All resources rights in or on private property belong to the property owner and no further registering of right is necessary.
3.     Advertise to the public the opportunity to claim resource rights The owners will be given 120 days to claim their right by registering it with the State. Claimants must prove priority date and beneficial use. During this period, any interested person may file a written protest with the State against the registering of a claim. After 120 days, a list of unclaimed resource rights will be published, and interested persons will have 60 days to claim them by proving priority date and beneficial use. Those new claimants will have opportunity to claim without prior beneficial use. All action will be made public.

4.     New claims can be registered through the NRR and must be published for 90 days; if another does not dispute the right then the right is established. All the requirements for proving beneficial use will apply. (See below)

5.     Federal or other government entities outside Nevada shall not claim rights inside Nevada. Private entities that are not citizens of, or established in Nevada may own resource rights inside Nevada. All the requirements for proving beneficial use will apply. (See below)

If a resource right is not claimed by a private entity it will become a common right vested in the citizens of Nevada. Only citizens of Nevada can share these common resource rights.

6.     Require the owner to prove continuing beneficial use on their registered resource rights in order to maintain the right. Requirements would include that the owner:
·      Prove up on the right every five years by reporting a plan of use for the next five years. This is not a permit.
·      Show beneficial use of the resource rights by production. The state recognizes beneficial use via collection of a tax on the fruits of production.
·      If the owner of the right cannot prove beneficial use in at least two out of five years, then another citizen of Nevada can claim the right and file it with the State under the same requirements.
·      A resource right cannot be sold or leased to another unless beneficial use has been proven for the period of four years consecutively
·      Resource rights must be used for the designated purpose or it will not be considered beneficial use.
·      Require the counties to record these rights as real property rights to the owner.

7.     Enact an equitable tax code, taxing production from all grazing, logging, mining, and other resource rights. This code must promote the beneficial use of the right.
8.     Issue grazing, logging or mining permits on the common (unclaimed) rights that have become vested in the people of Nevada. The permit will go to the highest bidder starting at $500. Income on these rights will be taxed the same as if the permit holder owned the right.

If the permit holders show beneficial use on the right four years consecutively, they can claim it as their own by registering it with the State of Nevada. All the requirements for proving beneficial use will apply.

 Step 2

Enact a law that re-establishes existing rights:
·      All resources rights on or in private property belong to the titled property owner.
·      The citizens of Nevada have established the right (though prior appropriation and 100 years of beneficial use) to access the common land of Nevada, this includes the rights to drive on the roads, hike, camp, shoot, hunt, fish, explore and so on. 

Step 3

Direct the Secretary of State to properly cede to the federal government land that is currently being used for the authorized purposes outlined in Article 1, section 8, clause 17 of the U.S. Constitution. Get consent from the State legislatures and receive payment from the federal government for the land. Receiving payment for the land can be done in many ways such as shorting a bill to the federal government or making a small transaction.

Steps must accomplish the following
1.     Get consent from the State Legislature
2.     Collect a small proceed for the sale
3.     Record the sale on State and county records

Step 4

1.     Enact a law that prohibits the federal government from owning and/or administering any lands, waters, and resources (including minerals) inside the State of Nevada that were not purchased with the consent of the Nevada Legislature and are not being used for the proper purposes outlined in USC-A1, S8, C17. This includes resources on or in private property.

This would include:
·      Disposing or leasing of
·      Issuing permits on
·      Collecting fees on
·      Prohibiting or restricting use of
·      Policing and arresting on
·      Posting signage on
·      Contracting on

Proper ceding  (USC-A1, S8, C17):
·      Must have consent from the Nevada State Legislature
·      Must be purchased from the rightful owner (willing buyer, willing seller)

·     Can only purchase for the purpose of erecting forts, magazines, arsenals, dockyards and other needful buildings.

Monday, March 16, 2015


After hundreds of phone calls, emails and other contacts, the NRR bill will move forward and go to committee. We have made some noise, and the legislators are already taking notice. When the people unite, the elected representatives feel they have the support to stand up to the bureaucrats (including the lawyers). Our work however, is just beginning and the bill is already receiving strong opposition by federal and state bureaucrats. 

Several people have asked for the bill number, but it has not been given one yet. The number should be issued this week.  As soon as we have it, we will get it to you so you can read the bill in legal writing. The outline can be viewed now by clicking the link below.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION: We sent the bill to the legislative legal council (LCB) over six weeks ago for review. After inquiring several times and then pressing them, they finally came back and said that they were going to tag the bill as un-constitutional. When asked what part of the constitution the bill does not align with, they could not give a definite answer. The only clarification we received was that the NRR bill may be constitutional, but it does not follow federal precedence.

The precedence they are referring to is a corrupt ruling by the federal government that says the federal government has equal constitutional rights just like individuals. This ruling is one of the most blatant offense to the constitution. The whole purpose of the constitution is to limit the federal government so they are not equal to the people. The constitution (when followed) insures that the federal government does not compete with or take away the people’s rights. The NRR bill re-emphasizes the constitution by not allowing the federal government to own or control resources in Nevada unless they have followed the constitutional rules in doing so. So to tag it as unconstitutional is almost comical. 

DEFEND THE PEOPLE. The State of Nevada’s legislative legal council (LCB), wants to tag this bill as un-constitutional so they do not have to defend it. We could have told them, before we sent it to them, that it does not follow federal precedence. The primary reason for the bill is to protect the people against the federal take-over that we are all experiencing. Once again we see that the State is fearful to defend the people's rights against the feds. If the bill is tagged as un-constitutional then the legislators will be afraid to vote for it, and most likely it will not pass, or even get through the committee.

Moves like these are why the people continue to lose more and more of their rights. And why people are disgusted with politics and feel it is a waist of time. Most of the elected officials do what the full time/long time bureaucrats tell them to do. OUR VOICE MUST BE LOUD ENOUGH THAT OUR REPRESENTATIVES LISTEN TO US, OVER THEM. We have their attention now and the talk in Carson City is becoming the NRR bill. 

Please be ready to contact the legislators next. The bill will be issued a number and then we will start the emails, phone calls, letters and other contacts again. I will send you a list of those to contact. We will most likely find out who is in support and who is not, and contact those that are on the fence. We also will have to make our presence known in Carson City in the near future when the time is right. 

It is my solemn honor to know so many people that are serious about protecting freedom. I hope we can look at our children and grandchildren in the future and say we passed it on to you, now you do the same. 

Thank you, 

Ammon Bundy  

Thursday, March 12, 2015


As mentioned before, several Nevada State legislatures, the Bundy family and many others have proposed a Nevada State bill for this legistative session going on now. This bill protects the rights the people have to the resources. It also protects the rights the public have to access the land (camp, hike, hunt, offroad, etc..) and it protects the rights private property owners have to the resources on and under their land. In essence, this bill re-establishes the rights the people have to use the resources and enjoying the land with the protection of the State. The bill is called the (NRR) Nevadan’s Resource Rights Bill

Over the past few decades the federal government has decietfully claimed all of these rights to themselves. Did you know that even on private property, the federal government is claiming that they own all the resources on or under your land, even the dirt, and if you transferred it or sold it you could be prosecuted and put in prison. They are also claiming that they own all public land and all other resources in the States. If they own it all, then what is left for the people to use and to live off of? If you thing i’m being extreme, then look into it, it is far worse than I care to describe here. 

The duty of the State is to protect the peoples rights, in this case from the federal government. This country was founded upon several sound principles, one of them is checks and balances. The States are supposed to check the federal government when the federal government preys upon the peoples rights. The States have a hard time doing this because they fund their pet projects with federal money. When the people need the State to defend their rights (the whole reason they are even in existence) the States usaully side with the feds in fear that they will lose the lucure, leaving the people to protect themselves, hence the Bundy Ranch Standoff. 

SO HERE IS THE CALL TO ACTION: Contact the Nevada General Attorney - ADAM LAXALT, inform him that you support the (NRR) Nevadan’s Resource Rights Bill and expect him to do the same. It does not matter if you are from Nevada or Wisconsin your voice will be heard. And this issue effects all of us and our children. If Nevada will pass it, so will other States. Contact him by Phone, Email, Letter or drive to Carson City and knock on his door and get your family and friends to do the same. The bill is in his hand now! He will determine if the State will legally back the bill or throw it in the garbage. PLEASE ACT VERY SOON, he will only have it in his hands for a few days.

ADAM LAXALT - Nevada Attorney General
Office: 100 North Carson Street
Carson City, NV 89701

WES DUNCAN - State Attorney
Phone: 702-486-3797
Assistant - Gina Long:

BRENT KANDT - State Attorney
Phone: 775-684-1966
Assistant - Gina Hines: 775-684-1247

It is my honor to work with you in preserving our freedoms. I hope together we can pass on the wonderful blessings we have received by living in this land. 

Ammon Bundy

FB; Bundy Ranch

Friday, March 6, 2015

BLM Told to 'Say Away'

After being re-invited to give a presentation in Mesquite, Bureau of Land Management representatives received threats from Ryan Bundy, son of Cliven Bundy, who said the BLM needs to “stay gone and the people won’t allow them to come back.”
BLM representatives came to discuss how to give comments on the Resource Management Plan Draft but were instead drilled with public comments mostly about the Gold Butte area.
The public mostly discussed their dislike of BLM having the ability coming in and taking over “their land” when the BLM didn’t have “constitutional rights” to the land.
“BLM does not have authority of these lands,” Ryan said. “The people will not allow roads to be closed. We’ve had a peaceful year without you running around out there, so stay gone.”
Ryan’s brother, Dave, spoke and said the BLM doesn’t have any title to the land.
Boda Cavalier, an attendee, said he would not recognize the people trying to push the plan.
“If the BLM wants to go to the field to play ball, then me and my crew will come play ball too,” he said.
The Mesquite City Council’s main concern was the March 9 deadline for comments on the RMP draft. Nearly every council member asked for an extension, but the BLM representatives present, Lee Kirk and Gayle Marrs-Smith, said it’s not a matter for them to decide. Marrs-Smith said she would carry on the message to her superiors.
The RMP is the BLM’s “master plan” for long-term issues. The plan draft covers Gold Butte along with several other areas, including an area where the proposed airport would go in Mesquite as part of the Congress bill, or Public Lands Act.
Marrs-Smith, AFM with renewable resources for the BLM, said the comment period is set to close March 9 after 150 days of being open.
Councilwoman Cindi Delaney asked why the BLM hadn’t held any public meetings in Mesquite when there have been meetings in other locations. Delaney said no one in the area really knew about the plan.
Resident Dan Lakeman spoke during public comment and said it isn’t’ the BLM’s fault the city and residents were unaware of the plan.
“The BLM has had this listed on the federal registry,” he said. “Which they are required to do. If you didn’t read the federal registry, that’s not on them – that’s on you.”
In the end, council directed staff to submit a recommendation on behalf of council in case the deadline extension was not approved.
The plan is tedious read with a combination of more than 6,000 possible plans to go in place.
Kirk said the public is free to call with any questions about the plan and he will help direct them to certain areas of the 2,000-page plan. Kirk can be reached at 702-515-5026 or by email at
If you would like to read the RMP draft and make comments before the March 9 deadline, visit .
Comments may be submitted electronically to, faxed to 702-515-5023; or mailed to 4701 N. Torrey Pines Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada 89130. Address mail to BLM Southern Nevada District Office, Las Vegas/ Pahrump Field Offices Draft RMP/Draft EIS.
In his presentation, Kirk said an effective comment would include: questions, with reasonable basis, on the accuracy of information in the RMP draft and on the adequacy of, methodology for, or assumptions used for the environmental analysis; presentation of new relevant information; and presentation of other reasonable alternatives.
Lakeman also said during public comment that comments submitted stating the BLM doesn’t have constitutional rights or “it’s our lands” would probably be filed into the “round bin.” He encouraged residents to submit constructive, thought-out comments.
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Monday, March 2, 2015


We were asked by a media outlet to list what we thought were the 5 most concerns facing the American people. We may not all agree, and that is okay. Here is what we sent them.

1. The natural resources of America are being stolen from the people and claimed by the federal government. Everything we eat, wear, live in, use and so on comes from the earth. If we lose access to the land and natural resources we become beggars to those who have access. Without doubt this is the greatest immediate threat to the individual person and people as a whole. More lives, liberties and property can be taken under this threat than any other we see.

2. Militarization of bureaucracies. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) purchased 6 times more ammo (per person) in 2013 than the Department of Defense (DOD), Why? Even the Department of Education (DOE) has a swat team, Why? Over the past 25 years bureaucracies have been building an army inside the boarders of this country. Why? Clue; It is not to defend the people from outside threats.

3. Government becoming more and more the taker of rights rather than the defender of rights. The only reason we the people formed government is to protect each individuals rights. Now governments have become the primary taker of rights in direct conflict with the very purpose of its existence. We find more and more that in order to keep rights the people are being forced to defend them themselves. Helping people understand the true purpose of government and what they must do to maintain rights is important.

4. Federal, Federal, Federal. The federal government has manipulated every State and County with federal funding and contracts. Our States and Counties have become slaves because of the contracts they sign to get funds from the federal government. When the federal government turns on the people, the State and the Counties do not defend the people because they are fearful of losing funding. If the people are to get protection from local government (the whole purpose) then the local governments must be free from federal contracts and funds.

5. Lack of Courage. It take Courage not congress to defend rights. Government is not the problem or the solution, it is the courage of the American people. People must be willing to Claim their rights, Use their rights and Defend their rights no matter the cost, this takes courage. It appears that America may have a courage problem.

There you have it,
The Bundy Family

To add your name to the ACTION LIST go to this link: