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Saturday, January 31, 2015


To all of you who seem to enjoy reading and commenting about my family, the Cliven Bundy family, whether you think of us as positive or negative, I would like to say a few things.  My family took a constitutional stand last April, a stand against a federal government that is out of control.  We stood in the face of at least 200-armed men, hired by the federal government to destroy our way of life and our liberty.  What kind of government will allow armed men hired by the BLM, to point their guns at a family that is defending their established water and other rights? And then continue to point their guns at thousand of other Americans that came and stood with us? OUR RIGHTS ARE DOCUMENTED IN NEVADA RECORDS AND SHOULD BE PROTECTED BY THE STATE OF NEVADA AGINATS FEDERAL OVERREACH AND FORCE. When should a state allow the federal government to “manage” their lands?  The BLM tried to “manage” my family out of business, just like they did all my neighbors.

Now for the momma bear instincts!  I have an amazing family.  I have stood in awe and admiration as I have watched my family act and react to the course of events that have unraveled this past year.  We are a normal family with an ordinary life and normal problems, we have been thrust into the limelight that makes our ordinary life and problems hit the headlines of the news and social media almost daily. My family does so much good and we are always ready to help anyone in need.  We live modestly and enjoy being together as a family.  I am sad that media and the press seem to relish in all the problems and seem to want to drag my family down and make us look like a bunch of unintelligent radicals that do not listen to anyone or obey any laws. That is just not so.  My family loves this country.  My family loves God.  We long for peace and tranquility.  And understand the need for law.  We are not that type of people the media would like the world to believe.

Momma Carol Bundy

Friday, January 30, 2015

National Defense Medal

I gave my National Defense Medal to Mr. Cliven Bundy this evening. He was very touched by it. I gave it to him in honor of his brave stance. He not only stood up against tyranny for his family, his ranch, fellow ranchers and fellow Nevadans, but on behalf of all freedom loving Americans who are tired of this massive and corrupt central government. He truly emulates what it is to be awarded the medal for National Defense. I have no doubt in my mind that it is the most fitting and appropriate gift I could bestow upon this great man that history has to offer. That family, the Bundy's are truly amazing and Cliven, the patriarch, is such a sweet man. He stood up in defense of all of us and I am more than grateful and appreciative for the stance he has taken and continuously takes. Special shout out to Booda. Glad I met you friend. You are amazing for sticking by the Bundy's for this long and providing the necessary security Mr. Bundy needs and deserves. 


This touched us to the deepest of our feelings. The men and women who sacrifice so much to protect our rights of freedom continue to amaze us. It is a honor to have their honor.


Just so everyone knows, after Ryan spend the night in jail, the next day the judge got him out and apologized for the courts and the officers actions.

What is wrong with our police departments? Must they do everything with excessive force? If they had a problem with Ryan why didn't they just talk to him about it. Pouncing up a man with out explanation, deserve resistance. And if you are saying "But they are the police" you need to think those thoughts through.

People are people, and the way we treat others should not change just because we may be vested with authority. Men and women that are officers of the law have an equal obligation to respect other people not mistreat them as lesser than themselves.

The training the police have been receiving over the past 25 years needs to to be rejected and thrown into the garbage. If not, it will continue to create a devastating devision in this county. Andy Griffin must be restored as the model. Respect and protect.

All men are equal and all have the right to be treated with dignity, both police and civilian.


Thursday, January 29, 2015


Ryan Bundy, Cliven Bundy’s oldest son, was arrested Tuesday after he allegedly got into a scuffle with Iron County Sheriff’s deputies when they tried to serve him with a warrant.

Ryan Bundy, 42, who has property in Cedar City, was approached by deputies on his way out of court Tuesday after he had appeared in Iron County Justice Court for an unrelated 2013 incident where he was charged with a class B misdemeanor for responsibility for a nuisance.
“I got a summons to go to court in Cedar City on some kind of nuisance charge,” Ryan Bundy, of Bunkerville, Nevada, said during an interview Wednesday. “It (the paperwork) says it stems from having a vehicle stored on my property without proper registration. I don’t know what the heck they’re talking about.”
Authorities said the warrant was for failing to appear in a 2014 case where Ryan Bundy was charged with interfering with an animal control officer.
Ryan Bundy is the oldest of Cliven Bundy’s 14 children.
Cliven Bundy is the Bunkerville rancher who became a political celebrity because of his April feud and standoff with the Bureau of Land Management.
When told about the warrant, Bundy “both verbally and physically resisted the deputies’ attempts to take him into custody,” said Iron County Sheriff’s Sgt. Nik Johnson.
It took several deputies to get the situation under control, said Iron County Sheriff Mark Gower.
“At that time he (Ryan Bundy) told officers ‘that’s not going to happen today.’ He immediately began fighting with them,” Gower said. “It took several deputies but they were able to overcome him and arrested him.”
Deputy Kellen Hudson suffered minor injuries but is reported to be OK, Gower said.
Ryan Bundy said “all of a sudden they bring up some other charge, some interfering charge, from a couple of years ago or something. I didn’t recognize what they were talking about.”
“They asked me to make some kind of a plea or something and I said I’m not going to plead to anything until I know what it’s all about so they threw me in jail,” Bundy said. “Anyway, so I see the judge today (Wednesday) and she just said ‘Oh, we’re sorry,” and then they just let me go.”
Bundy said the court set a date he has to appear.
“When it comes right down to it, I don’t know what they’re talking about and I don’t think they do either,” he said.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

My Flight Experience on January 17, 2015

Many have advised me not to fly, and not to subject myself to these action. I appreciate their concern, however I do not agree. The fact that our government is willing to condemn its citizens and negatively effect them for life, with out prosecution or even charges, needs to be meet head on, not hidden. If a people do not check their government, history proves that that government will eventually put those very people in bondage or worse. Hiding behind a steering wheel because I am too afraid or too proud to fly will not help anything or anyone.

 Before reading, I want everyone who may read these word to know that I love this county so very much. I speak reverently about those that have fought in the past and those that continue to fight for our freedoms. I feel compelled to stand where I can, so their sacrifices do not go in vain, and so our children can enjoy the same freedoms we have enjoyed. I know the Lord lives and He established this nation to be an example of freedom. I also know that when we stand for whats right the Lord protects and sustains us.


Yesterday morning I flew out of Sky Harbor Int. Airport (Phoenix) to McCareen Int. Airport (Las Vegas) and then flew back to Phoenix later that evening. I used to be able to print my boarding pass from home but since April 2014 I have had to go to the airport to print it. This alone informs me that I am going to have trouble. At the first check point in Phoenix the agent saw the SSSS on the barding pass, stopped the line and called for a supervising agent to come.

After a few minutes a level two agent confiscated my belongings, watched me while I took everything off but my pants, shirt and socks, and escorted me through the security check point and over to a disclosed location. They began to go through my belongings pulling them out of the bags and inspecting each item. Another agent began to frisk me, patting every part of my body both front and back. He also took his hands and stuck them down my waist line checking the entire waist line. Every time they do this I feel violated. I was primarily silent until the level three agent said he was going to confiscated my phone. It was not charged and would not turn on during their inspection. I told them that I would not let them confiscate it and expressed simple distaste for the fact that every-time I fly I have to go though this. I informed him that I have been put on some terrorist list for standing for what is right. The level three agent seemed surprised and looked at my barding pass reading my name, he pulled his head back and said OH.

He then told me that he was going to have to escort me out of security. On the way out I expressed to him that this is an example of what Americans get when they stand against something very wrong. He said that he agreed with the Bundy family but with all the bad people in this world, his job is to keep us safe. I insured him, that a bad person could easily get past their security, and the only people they are restricting are the good people.

Outside security I charged my phone and then got back in line. While in line one of the TSA agents went around whispering to each of the other agents discreetly looking at me each time. Right before I reached the first check point they changed agents from a women to a man. As I came up he called for a level two agent, we waited for approximately five minutes, the people behind me seemed bothered and concerned to why this guy in the cowboy hat was being singled out.

Finally an agent came and confiscated my belongings and the whole process was repeated over again, including the frisking, hands down my pants and all. When they were done The same third level agent began to interrogate me wanting to know personal information. I told him that I would not give him those answers and the they either had let me go through or kick me out again. I warned him that I would be back with news reporters if they kicked me out. He pressed a bit more but could tell that I was feed up.

He then left me and went across the ares and began to speak with a level four agent about my refusal. The level four agent picked up a phone and began to talk to (I assume) a level five agent. I put my clothes back on, grabbed my stuff and went over were the conversations were going on. The agent on the phone quickly walked away from the desk so I could not hear the conversation. After a short while the agent came back and insisted on getting the information they wanted. I told them that if they wanted my information then they should have keep it from the past three times I flew. The agent said that they did not have some "magic tricky box" that would retrieve it. I replied that they sure had a magic box that puts SSSS on my boarding pass every time I fly, requiring a grown man to stick his hands down my pants. The other agent asked if this was really worth it to me? I quickly replied, absolutely, when something is wrong and nobody does anything about it, wrong becomes normal.

 I then gave them the ultimatum to let me go or kick me out. The level four agent warned me that their may be recourse against me if I don’t not give them the information they wanted. I insured them that I was not afraid of what they may do to me. I then walked away, and they did not stop me. I barley made it to the gate in time. I was shaking, however, I felt a inner strength that I have felt many times before for doing what was right. When the Southwest lady scanned my ticket to board, the scan light changed to red and a short alarm came on. She was surprised, but reset the computer and let me on.


My flight to Vegas was normal, In Las Vegas I meet with several Nevada State legislatures for multiple hours. On the way back at the first check station the TSA agent looked at my boarding pass, she said to the other two other agents by her; "Bingo, this is a big one”. They then called for a supervising agent. When the agent came, the exact same process started over just like before, confiscation, hands down the pants, writing all over my barding pass and punching holes in it and so on. The only thing different this time is when the supervising agent came back to give me my barding pass (this is the point they normally begin interrogating) she handed the pass to me and said; it is wrong what they are doing to you guys, you can go. - By the way, she is an older black lady, as sweet as can be, and my respect for her is about as high as it gets. I just love people that will stand for what is right even if it might mean loosing a job or taking a great risk.

After being at gate B11 for about ten minutes, three TSA agents pushing a cart came directly to gate B11. It was just like the last time I flew out of Vegas. That time they searched me again right at the gate and in front of everyone. This time I was determined not be searched again. With my phone on video, I walked over to them and informed them that I knew they are here for me. One of the agents said okay. I then told them that I would not let them search me again, and told them not to even ask. (see video) They again replied, okay. After sitting down, two more agents came to the gate and they patrolled the gate the entire time I was there. When we started to board the TSA agents stood next to the line on both side but did not approach me.  When the gate attendant scanned my pass the same thing happened as before with the warning and the red light, all the other passengers beeped and had a green light. The rest of the flight was normal and I made it back to my wonderful Lisa and five children, including my nine day old son Elias.

Thank you,

Ammon Bundy
January 28, 2015

P.S. I fly again tomorrow, keep an eye out for me.
Bundy Ranch - Facebook

Getting Ready to Fly Agian

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Answer is Statehood

At the moment of Statehood everything changes. The land and resources inside the new State is no longer U.S. Territory, and no longer can Congress dispose of the land or make any rules or regulations respecting to it. It is the People of that State's right and duty to govern.

Fox New Chief Judicial Advisor

Fox News Senior Judicial Analysts - Judge Napolitano

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Monday, January 5, 2015

Nye County Resolution - Saying No to the BLM

THANK YOU - Due to the response of the people, the Nye County commissioners have decided to redraft the resolution saying no to the BLM, they vote on January 20th. The commissioners continue to need your voice in keeping them true to the peoples desire and the Constitution. We will keep you posted.

For more details go to:

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Who Are The Dummies Here? Is It Us, Or Is It The "Experts"?

Jack Walther and I had met in North Ruby Valley for the purpose of assessing range conditions on various allotments, trying to figure out why it was that the Forest Service personnel were cutting everyone's permits, and were headed up the road leading to the Ruby Guard Station when we ran into Cliven Bundy.  Cliven and his boys had drawn deer tags for Area 10 that year and happened to be coming down from the mountain when we were going up.  When we told Cliven what we were up to he said that he’d like to go along – which turned out to be a great thing for us, because, as it turned out, Cliven probably gave us one of the best demonstrations in range management that I have ever been privileged to see.

The first thing Cliven did was to have us examine and make a comparison between bitterbrush plants found outside of the Guard Station as compared to those found within.  What Cliven was able to show was, how healthy and productive the plants outside of the Guard Station were as compared to those inside the fenced area of the Guard Station.  Then, taking his knife, he began digging up and exposing the roots of plants (grasses) which occupied the areas between the existing sage and bitterbrush – first outside of the Guard Station fenced area, and then within.  The difference was astonishing.  I had been aware for some time, that questions had been raised as to the importance of grazing impacts of various plant species – but to have Cliven demonstrate the difference to us, in the manner he did that day, amazed me.

Early on, it had been the practice of those working within the Forest Service to establish “Guard Stations” at strategic places so that various personal could keep an eye on things during the summer months.  As time went on, however, the Guard Stations were seldom used.  Once in a while, Forest personnel would take a few horses out to one of the stations and leave them for a while – but very rarely.  Consequently, these Guard Stations, many of which remain in existence to this day, act as a nearly perfect experimental sight for comparing grazed areas to ungrazed areas.  In the Ruby District, there were two such stations created.  One at Harrison Pass, at the western base of the mountain – and one in north Ruby Valley, in the foothills just north of the Neff Ranch.
Cliven Bundy, demonstrating his concerns while visiting the Ruby Guard Station in 1989.

Cliven seems to have a natural ability to read what is going on in the natural world.  He understands livestock and plant life in a way few do.  In the two pictures presented here, Cliven is shown explaining the difference  in the health and productivity of grazed bitterbrush as opposed to ungrazed bitterbrush.

The picture below is of a typical bitterbrush plant found within the Ruby Guard Station in 1989.
Notice the coarseness of the foliage in the upper photograph as compared to that in the lower photograph.  The reason for this is that the upper plant has stagnated and is now producing very little new growth, while the plant in the lower photo remains vibrant and productive.

The picture above is of a typical bitterbrush plant found immediately outside of the Ruby Guard Station.


By placing his handkerchief behind a few of the limbs of the opposing plants, Cliven was able to demonstrate more clearly the difference between the two plants – and the fact that the plant in the upper photograph has become unproductive, while the plant in the lower photograph has produced numerous new leaders – many of which are as much as a foot long.  It is new growth like this that is so beneficial to deer or other large ungulates.

After Cliven had demonstrated the importance of grazing impact on bitterbrush, he proceeded to show us the importance of grazing impact on grass.  First Cliven took his knife and began digging up and exposing the roots of grasses (primarily Sandburgs bluegrass) that existed between bitterbrush plants within the Guard Station fenced area.  Then he placed these plants on his handkerchief so that we would have a clear view of them.  Then, Cliven began the same process outside of the Guard Station.  As is demonstrated in these two photos, the difference was dramatic.  In every instance, the grazed plants were far healthier than were the ungrazed plants.

It's no wonder our rangelands were supporting so many wildlife, back in the 1940's, 50's and 60's. Plants of  every kind were made healthier and more productive via livestock grazing.

Written by: Cliff Gardner 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Nye County commissioners need strengthening in protecting our land & resources against the BLM

Nye County Nevada and Surrounding Citizens,

A notice from the federal registry reveals that the federal government is seeking even more power over the Nye County people by claiming further control of the lands and resources. Federal Register / Vol. 79, No.197 Notice, outlines plans to make much more of Nye County, Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (ACECs). ACEC’s are human restricted areas.

The Nye County people soon will have less access to their lands and resources than any other people in the history of this country.

On December 1st Nye County Commissioners held a meeting discussing the federal attempt for more control over the land and resources in the county.

Due to the unanimous voice of the citizens of Nye County, the commissioners ended the meeting with a decision to draft a resolution revoking any authority the county had given the BLM and declaring that federal agencies do not have constitutional authority to administer land or resources in the State of Nevada including Nye County.

The resolution was first drafted by Commissioner Donna Cox and her staff. Three revisions were later made with input from the public to more closely align the resolution to the people’s will. This second draft the “People’s Draft” incorporated the following changes:

1-The word “federal” was stricken before land, implying that the land belongs to the people, not to the federal government.
2- “Whereas” were added to strengthen the constitutional position of the county’s resolution
3-“past and present” were also added in the last line to clarify that the county will not continue authorizing federal control

Changes up to this time were inline with the people’s desires and the U.S Constitution. and then sent to the other commissioners.

AND THEN...(read on)

On December 16th the commissioners were scheduled to pass the resolution. However, on account of some wavering, the commission announced that they are going to postpone the vote until next month. Nye County Citizens voiced concern that the bill would be changed and lose its purpose.

County Commissioner Frank Carbone said “Most of the people are probably worried we’re not going to get something on the table, He then added support for the “People’s Draft”, by saying, “But the majority of the things we’ve seen, from the redlining and changing, they’re pretty spectacular,”.

Although, county commissioner Butch Borasky said he liked the “People’s Draft”, he wanted the district attorney’s office to review it. He then made an extremely concerning comment. Speaking of the peoples draft, Broasky said, “... there was a statement made that it would take us out of the "cooperating agency status" and I think if we did that we’d have to have our heads examined because we’d be abdicating that position of power over to the BLM.”

This statement from Commissioner Borasky sends the message that Nye County gets its authority from the BLM through the “cooperating agency status”, and without it, the county would have no authority over the lands. Such a message underscores the ignorance that too many of our elected leaders exhibit when dealing with the federal government. 

The BLM have no authority in Nye county unless the people give it to them. Period. According to the constitution, the moment Nevada became a State, the authority to govern the lands and resources inside the State transfers from federal to the People of Nevada and therefore, the People of Nye County.

Nye county has tolerated the abuses of the BLM in the past, presumably because the people didn’t understand the threat it posed to their liberties. The ACEC’s and the forces that came to the Bundy Ranch are just two example of many that help us all understand why the BLM never should have authority in Nye County.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of ranchers, loggers, miners and many others have had their livelihoods destroyed because the county has allowed the BLM and other federal agencies to claim and administer the land and resources that rightfully belong to the people of Nye County. The economic and non-economic destruction is immeasurable.

So what does Borasky say about it? If we end this abusive use of illegal power, we need to have our heads examined. Perhaps there is only one head that needs examining.

**Why would a county which holds the authority to govern the land and resources inside its borders relinquish that authority to a historically predatory agency that is forcibly destroying the livelihoods of the citizens in the county? ...Why?**

After a few weeks and many changes to the resolution, we now have a final draft, we labeled it the “Borasky’s Draft”. With little surprise, we find that the “Borasky Draft” reflects the comments that Commission Borasky made regarding where he believes county authority comes from. 

The “Borasky Draft” fails in representing the people’s desires. The commissioners involved have changed certain words and phrases to the once simple and bold constitutional resolution, into a meaningless document that does not protect the rights of the people.

Commissioner Borasky along with other commissioners, have revised the resolution so as to not offend the BLM and threaten the counties “cooperating agency status”. This shows ignorance, fear, or corruption, it is hard to tell which. 

If the Borasky version of the resolution is passed, nothing will have been accomplished, and the BLM will see the weakness in the commission’s will to stand for the people's rights. With this draft it does not repudiate the illegitimate power of the BLM. In fact the latest changes to the resolution by the commissioners, legitimizes the BLM’s continuing devastation to the land and the people’s livelihoods.

These latest changes to the resolution represent ignorance and contradicts the original purpose of the entire document. In this draft, it in no way restores the use of the land and resources back to the people, with Nye County as their protector. It also does not challenge the unconstitutional action of the BLM in controlling the land and resources. 

It would appear that the intents of a few commissioners are to maintain the “cooperating agency status” with the BLM. Therefore allowing the devastation, of the people’s rights to the land and resources, to continue. Meanwhile ignoring the voice of those who vote them in.

**ACTION NEEDED** This resolution is scheduled to be voted on by the commission next Monday, January 5th 2015. The People of Nye County and surrounding Counties and States must immediately contact the county commissioners before the vote and demand that the resolution be returned to its original intent, as espoused in the Unified Draft. See below

District 1
Commissioner Lorinda Wichman
HC 60 Box 51363 
Round Mountain, NV 89045
(775) 761-1626 - Cell

District 4
Andrew "Butch" Borasky 
2100 E. Walt Williams Dr., Ste. 100
Pahrump, NV 89048
(775) 751-7075 - County Office
(775) 513-9388 - County Cell
(775) 751-7093 - County Fax 

District 2
Commissioner Frank Carbone
2100 E. Walt Williams Dr., Ste. 100
Pahrump, NV 89048
(775) 751-7075 - County Office
(775) 513-9736 - County Cell
(775) 751-7093 - County Fax

District 5
Commissioner Dan Schinhofen
2100 E. Walt Williams Dr., Ste. 100
Pahrump, NV 89048
(775) 751-7075 - County Office
(775) 513-8491 - County Cell
(775) 751-7093 - County Fax

District 3
Commissioner Donna Cox
2100 E. Walt Williams Dr., Ste. 100
Pahrump, NV 89048
(775) 751-7075 - County Office
(775) 253-0828 - County Cell
(775) 751-7093 - County Fax

This is the proposed draft supporting the peoples intent. Please compare.



WHEREAS, the Bureau of Land Management (hereinafter “BLM”) are currently revising their Resource Management Plans (hereinafter “RMPs”) within Nye County; and

WHEREAS, Nye County is a Cooperating Agency to the RMP update process, whose comments and requests have been largely ignored by BLM; and

WHEREAS, the BLM has enacted and enforced rules and regulations that have caused Nye County to suffer severe economic and environmental damage; and

WHEREAS, the intent of both the National Mining and Mineral Act of 1970 and the General Mining Act of 1872 is to encourage a strong private mining sector and resource development. Further withdrawal of mineral bearing land or locatable mineral entry by the BLM is in clear conflict with established law; and

WHEREAS, the public meeting held by the Board of County Commissioners on December 1, 2014, exposed an alleged non-disclosure agreement (within the Cooperating Agency Memorandum of Understanding) in violation of the intent of the 1969 National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) as amended; and

WHEREAS, the Commissioners and public dispute the authority of BLM to manage land and perform land planning without acknowledging and supporting a healthy economic base consistent with the fiscal desires and expectations of the public to retain all current use and access to that land;

WHEREAS, Nevada was admitted as a state in 1864 (the same year Nye County was established), and is no longer administered under U.S. Territorial auspices, as defined in article 4, section 3 of the U.S. Constitution; and

WHEREAS, Article 1, section 8, clause 17 of the U.S. Constitution prevents the federal government from owning lands inside Nye County, unless purchased by consent of the Nevada State Legislature, and only for the erection of forts, magazines, arsenals, dockyards, and other needful buildings; and

WHEREAS, legislative findings contained in NRS 321.596 conclude that Nevada land being claimed by the Federal Government is without lawful foundation and in violation of the Constitution of the United States. 

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Nye County Board of Commissioners: That Nye County does not recognize the authority of the BLM to manage land or perform land planning on lands within the borders of Nye County; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the people of Nye County by virtue of the U.S. Constitution, the supreme law of the land, claim ownership to all the land, and resources within the borders of Nye County, State of Nevada and herby repudiate the Federal Government's claim of ownership, control and jurisdiction over lands and resources in Nye County; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Nye County Board of Commissioners says "No" to any past, present and future encroachment, restriction and regulation of lands and resources within the borders of Nye County or any future participation in the federal RMP process .


This is the draft (resolutions only) after the commissioners made their changes. Please compare.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Nye County Board of Commissioners: by virtue of the BLM failing to abide by existing federal policies, procedures and processes, particularly, the responsible implementation of NEPA, does not recognize the authority of the BLM to conduct the aforementioned public land restructuring RMP, which denies the public access and use of public lands within the borders of Nye County; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Nye County shall continue to support any and all actions to legally relieve the Federal Government of ownership, control and jurisdiction over public lands in Nye County, and demand that the Federal Government dispose and convey all right, title and interest thereto unto the State of Nevada; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Nye County Board of Commissioners says "No" to any past, present and future encroachment, restriction and regulation of public lands within the borders of Nye County unless the proposed change has the full and complete agreement and ratification of the public and Nye County Board of Commissioners.