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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Get Out And VOTE!!

A message from Cliven.
My Dad as expressed his desire to remind us all of our duty to VOTE.
Encourage your family and friends to also get out and VOTE.
This election is very important. 
Please continue loving your neighbor and PRAYING FOR AMERICA.

A Message From Cliven Get Out And VOTE!!!!

PO Box 7175 Bunkerville, NV 89007
October 31, 2016
My Dear Brothers & Sisters
I am in jail, that doesn’t sound good and it is hard. I was in solitary confinement for 4 months. I had reviewed the Old Testament and read and studied the other standard works. One late afternoon I saw a light shining off the wall of my cell 2 inches wide and 6 inches long. It was the first sunlight I had seen in months. I thought, “I have seen the light!” For the last two years since the Bundy Ranch Protest I have realized that our God (Heavenly Father) loves each and every one of us on this earth. I have spoken to hundreds of million of His children around the world. I have testified to them of their worth and of the Father’s love for each of them, as souls He loves. I testify that the gospel of Jesus Christ (the Lord) is not concerned with what has happened to you in your past life. He is only concerned with what is going to happen to you from this moment forward. The Lord says to forgive, repent, and forget. Open your arms, gather in a husband, a wife, some children and many grandchildren and come to my Father’s house united as a family. I have said if you cannot believe in Jesus Christ, believe in a Father in Heaven that loves you.
Today we have a choice! We have a VOTE! We are all tired of the establishment, the large central government. We are not happy. We are scared. We do not feel secure in economy or safety. Is this Nation becoming ripe in iniquity? On TV a political ad shows a young man that has had a childhood health problem. You see President-elect Donald Trump supposedly throwing his arms in the air making fun of persons with facial or mental defects. I do not like a man with that type of thought and action, if that ad is even true.
Let’s look at the alternative – President-elect Hillary Clinton. If she has her way and with the US Congress established way, that young man would not have a life. He would have been aborted and the fee paid by US Congress!
On the jail cell wall there are 3 TVs. I see anti Trump ads stating him saying slur language about women. I do not like that. I look up at the TV at any time of day or night and I see nudeness, guns pointing at someone, domestic violence, youth involved with sexual or homosexual dialogs, vulgar and filthy language, most ugly monsters, cartoons as sex, victim’s blood, and torture. It is all evil. It’s the darkest, filthiest, vulgar and violent, most immoral, and cursing using God’s name. They’re making money, claiming protection and having it, by all three branches of US government, stating free speech rights of the US Constitution. President-elect Hillary Clinton is and represents this establishment. Can we stay or endure as human beings?
I live in a jail pod with 100 men and each minute I endure the free speech of many times dirtier language about Heavenly Father’s daughters along with what is on TV, compared to Mr. Trump’s comments.
Thirty co-defendants, 4 sons and I have not abused our free speech right as mentioned above. We are charged with conspiracy against the US government. We have exercised our US Constitutional 1st amendment rights, guaranteed by the Constitution. We protested the county sheriff, state and county elected officers to protect our neighbors, state sovereignty, sheriff policing power their oaths to protect state laws, the US Constitution, our lives, liberty, and property. This proper form of government that we protest for is not a large central government. It is as the US founders and the Constitution intended, a republic, a local small county government, one of We the People, by the People, for We the People. Where we elect our county sheriff and county commissioners. We pay the sheriff to protect our life, liberty, and property. We elect the judges and we are the jury.
VOTE – Donald Trump. He believes in the proper form of government. He is a producer. He knows how to build. He will protect each of our lives, liberty, and our property and defend our1st and 2nd amendment rights. Mr. Donald Trump has the human instinct to protect the beautiful miracle of an unborn baby’s precious life.