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Thursday, April 12, 2012

By: Ed Presley

For Publication: Answering The False Charges:
A portion of you folks will recognize from my name that I am very familiar with the Bundy case. I wish to address those posts (LVRJ and other blogs) that are accusing Mr. Bundy of allegedly being a squatter or stealing from the fine Citizens of Nevada by grazing his cattle on the public domain for free and for unlawful and personal monetary gain. Wrong!
Notice what Bundy's position is; the State of Nevada owns the lands pursuant to their NRS 321.596 et al statutes (Nevada Public Lands Ownership Act) enacted by Nevada back in the late 1970's. All the western public lands states adopted this law back when it was called the “Sagebrush Rebellion”. The main component of this law (Public Lands Ownership) has yet to be adjudicated by the courts or by the US Supreme Court. This matter came to the forefront once in the court process and the then Nevada Attorney General filed away this issue by stipulating that the feds owned the public lands in Nevada. The court basically said it had no other choice but to rule in favor of the Feds. (US vs Nye County). Bundy is following Nevada Law and holds that the 18 year old adverse decision against him that the BLM et al is using does not apply to him because he is not grazing on federal property. The State of Nevada has an obligation to enforce its own law on this matter. Therefore Bundy is not in contempt of any court order since he is not operating on federal property.
Bundy paid grazing fees to the rightful Landlord (Clark County-NV) back in the '90's and then they returned that payment to Bundy. I know this first hand because I was there when that happened. Bundy still has the county check and he never intended to steal anything and stands ready to pay the rightful Landlord today just like he did back in the '90's. Bundy is standing up for access and multiple uses of the public resources owned by the Citizens of Nevada. Bundy is not stealing, never did and never intended to, that is the factually correct record.
You folks that have leveled false accusations against Bundy may disagree with his legal position and that is ok to do so, but know that what is unfolding before your very eyes that you say should not be happening or even allowed is a very important lesson in civics. This is the way we do it in America. We should not be forced to drink the Kool-Aid and ordered to go take our seat and just shut up? Think about it.

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