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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Letter to Sheriff Gillespie

PO Box 7175
Bunkerville, NV  89007
November 1, 2012
Sheriff Douglas Gillespie
400 South Martin Luther King Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV  89106

Sheriff Gillespie,
I would like to make this letter official notice, ensure filing, and inquiry about four different incidences with Bureau of Land Management (BLM).
1. On or about February 20, 2012, my neighbor (Nay Ranch), Norm Tomand son Jared Tom encountered a plain clothed man south of my ranch, supposably camping and staying at a fire watch station near the Arizona –Nevada state line, close to my ranch.  The Toms questioned his being there, he told them he was counting Bundy'scows and presented them with a business card, (see attached copy), identifying himself as a professional sniper and that he worked for BLM, card having a BLM phone number on the backside.  The Toms took this man as a threat and a danger to Bundy family's life!  They stopped at the ranch and told my wife, Carol, and showed her the card.  I requested a copy of the card and told the Toms to keep it in a safe place.  A copy was emailed to me.  On February 23, 2012, you had two Home Land Security officers investigating me and my acquaintances, Andrew McDermott and his partner.  I presented a copy and gave it to them.  I have not received a response or reply on the incidence.  Please update me.  I take this as a serious threat to my family and my life.  We are out on the range working the ranch daily.
2. BLM served me, by mail, a lawsuit for unauthorized use of BLM property. They filed a guilty plea with the court.  After they had harassed me for several months and after I had spent much time, money, and worry; as wewere to enter in the court room for trial, they dismissed the case, without prejudice.
3. I was doing routine ditch maintenance at the same location as incidence #2.  While waiting to get a ride back to the ranch house to conduct some business on a cattle sale,  a BLM ranger saw my parked tractor and came to investigate what was going on.  I was standing by the tractor. He was asking and demanded me to answer all his questions.  I challenged his jurisdiction and authority and told him I was going to call Metro.  I called Officer McEwen, he responded as well as did one other Metro officer.  They took over and was in charge directing BLM ranger to leave and he did.  I would like to thank you for this service.  I have not heard a conclusion of this incidence.  I felt it was harassment and a threat.
4. BLM files a lawsuit, U.S. v. Cliven Bundy on new trespass land, which is cattle off my ranch. This is a fence maintenance problem.  Nevada is a fence out state, meaning if you do not want livestock on your land, then fence them out. (Nevada State law, NRS569.440 to 569.471, inclusive.)There is a fence between Gold Butte and my ranch needing maintenance.  BLM attorneys have filed 12 pages of names and addresses as witnesses that I have cattle on new trespass lands.  Also 4 pages of questions wanting me to disclose everything about my life and ranch, also mandating me for 7 hours of deposition.  This is harassment and threat to my life, liberty, and property.

Please respond and keep this as official record.
Cliven D. Bundy

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