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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Turtles for cows, open range for kings land? In the good ol USA! By the stroke of a pen some politician can rake in the cash if he can stand for a cause that he can sell the public. First he's got to have a victim, a helpless victim. In this case its the poor threatened dam near extinct turtle. With it all there has to be something to save it from. That's easy, the cow. Ignore the fact that the turtles and the cows have been sharing the same range for the last how many thousand years now? But all it takes is the right message to the masses and you can make "truth" out of anything if you say it long enough. I have to ask you are there any rational thinking people anywhere, city or country, that really believes that this is about saving the turtles from the cows? For hell sakes they would have been extinct before the pilgrims landed. This is about control. Control the land, you control the people in the land. Control the people, you control the economy of the people. The cow is a job, an economy for the cowboy. The turtle is a job, an economy for the government boys and girls. Count the numbers on both sides. Didn't used to be that way, it is now. The reality is its about the money. I ain't saying a few folks don't really believe in their side. But its dam few and they are the puppets controlled and dancing to the wishes of the puppet masters. Cause they want the pay check. The government boys they will be there, the law enforcement boys will be there, the contract cowboys will be there, and Clive Bundy will be there. Everyone is gonna get a pay check except Clive. Who the hell do you think is gonna win? It ain't about the cow, it ain't even about your freedom. Its about proving that your freedom is over. Dance the dance they tell you or get kicked out of the ballroom. The dirty little secret is the noose ain't just around Clive's neck, its around everyone's neck. Clive is just closer to the loop at the moment. But we will all get our turn as long as we choose to ignore the rope. And the puppets will make sure the noose tightens when they are told to. Give em hell Clive and good luck, from Charlie Childers. PS. You never know whats gonna happen at the start of a bronc ride. Its when the dust settles that it all becomes clear. Wrote by: Charlie Tammy Childers

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