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Friday, April 18, 2014

Mission Statement by Operation Mutual Aid

Mission Statement by Operation Mutual Aid 
Militiamen, Freedom Fighters, Soldiers, Patriots All
A coalition of States Militias, Patriotic civilians, Individual Freedom Fighters, and Media Relations personnel from Patriotic political activism groups, in conjunction with local Law Enforcement if and where applicable.
Defense of public and private property, lives, and liberty to exercise God-given rights, seen plainly in the laws of Nature, and codified in the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights, at the request of such parties in need of such defense, and the documentation and archiving of all defensive actions taken by the coalition for accurate and prompt reporting to all concerned public venues and media.
Defensive posture shall be taken up in the optimal tactical position in relation to the people or property in need of such defense. All local laws not in violation of the U.S. and subject States Constitution shall be observed. All laws in violation of the U.S. and subject States Constitution are hereby considered null and void, the enforcement of which most likely represents the need for such defense as herein outlined.
As the nature of a Quick Reaction Force is understood, a defensive posture will be taken up in the shortest amount of time possible for the allocation of the necessary defensive resources to the location determined. Minimum force size will be determined by the leadership of the coalition.
As has been the case throughout recorded history, and reasonably assumed throughout unrecorded history, governments instituted amongst men for the protection of private lives and property have always assumed and usurped duties and responsibilities contrary to the purpose of their institution, and, specific to these United States, such governments have done so in complete and utter violation of the documents which established them by the free will of the people, and the union of them via the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Once those governments have ceded their intended purpose to some other end or intent, it can be reasonably and logically ascertained that such entity would become aggressive to its former purpose and the people who established it in pursuit of its own goals.
At such a point as the government intends to use the physical power granted it by those who implemented it against them, it then becomes the responsibility of the people themselves to defend their country from its government, and to generally revert to the process outlined by the Declaration of Independence to absolve such government of its power, or separate from it to be freed from its oppression. As this coalition is intended for the defense of the populace from enemies foreign and domestic, the latter path shall be left to the determination of that populace, and we shall guarantee them the freedom to make that choice in accordance with man's God-given Liberty, the ideas espoused in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitutions of the several States, the Constitution of their union, and the Bill of Rights, so help us God.


  1. My name is Jim Standingbear and I like most of the country have been watching what has been going on in this county for a great many years now. although I give you props for standing up too a government that is just way out of control..however, What all you people seem to forget or maybe just over look but you are not the first people this has happened too...lets go back to 1492..yep that's what started the ball rolling. from that time on it was all about taking land and selling land that didn't belong to any of you in the first place. so to say you were defending land that has been in your family for 100 years pr more you need to remember and ask yourself this..who's land was it before it was STOLEN from my people annd how was it then legal to sell to people such as yourselves? that's right we the native people pf these lands did not sell these lands and it was stolen. by force with bodies of my women and children all dead across these lands. Yet you people know this history and it was ok to purchase those blood stained lands that you know were stolen in the first place and what didn't expect the same could and would at some time happen to you? Really? Everyone is so all about the laws and constitution and rights but really do you think this government gives a shit about that? Probably gives as much shit about it as all of you people do about making fortunes from the deaths of my people. who liived. loved and protected these stolen lands that you call yours

  2. This seems like the time and place to show you a very important document that i found while trying to find out why every time I bought hay for my horse, the price went up. I live in Bakersfield ca in the middle of the best alfalfa fields and cant buy it. I can only buy shit hay from out of state. Because of a trade deal Obama made with China. More than 80% of us hay goes straight to China in trade for Wallmart goods. 4756 new hay shipping cargo containers were built by a Europeon shipping company to transport and we payed them to do it. We pay them to ship our hay and we pay for shipping back also. How did they find all our growers? Because the National Hay Association is the top exporter, they have tricked the grows into contracts they can now not sell to anyone else, not even one bale to me. The stacks are trucked off as soon as they are stacked. This document, a bloomberg financial report, has in writing the knowledge of US cattle industrys downfall, and the growth of China dairy, all planned out and approved of. The stupidest headline news report of the century everyone should have caught onto, when we dont ship hay here, we grow it here. Look up , Bloomberg Report: Hay Cheaper To Ship To China Than To Central California. This is flat out treason and conspiracy against the US cattle industry, And Obama says hes going to double it by 201? Ha ha ha, I'll just let you see that date for yourself, he has plans on still being in office then!, please respond with the confirmation you have read this report, thank you


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