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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Bundy Family Letter to Supporters

Friends and Fellow Patriots, 
It’s time we have a conversation about not hurting the Bundys when we are trying to help. My family loves and appreciates everyone who has helped bring attention to our cause. You are proud Americans who stand by our Constitution, and for that we will always love you. The calls, letters, videos, and rallies have paid off in ways we probably don’t even know yet. I want my Dad and brothers home, and I have faith they will return to us soon. 
I am concerned that sometimes we patriots hurt our own cause by being too hard on people who want to understand but aren’t exactly like us. I am afraid that some supporters who really want to help us are too quick to turn on other supporters. We need to stand together. If we are going to fix what is wrong with our great country, we will need to bring together a whole lot of people who have a wide variety of opinions. We can’t afford to scare away good-hearted people who want to help.
I have a few suggestions for being more effective in spreading the message:
1. First, and most importantly, nobody but my family speaks for my family. Nobody. Please be honest when you are talking to people and say that you speak for yourself. 
2. Don’t attack anyone who wants to understand more. Explain, educate, and always be a good friend. Never push supporters away over differences of opinion. Having the right to form our own opinions and express them freely is part of what makes America great. 
3. Give credit where it is due. We have had politicians listen to our message. Maybe they don’t act as swiftly or as decisively as we would wish, but we need to encourage them to keep listening and learning. Treating them with anger and contempt will get us nowhere. I don’t respond well when people are rude to me and neither does anyone else. Yes, they work for us, so let’s be the kind of bosses they want to go the extra mile for. 
4. Make sure you give the facts and the facts only. The truth about our situation is bad enough. Tell that. When you start exaggerating or spreading rumors, it destroys our credibility and turns people off to listening to the true injustices and the core values of our cause. It’s tempting to believe and repeat stories, but stick to verifiable facts. 
5. Make some noise, but don’t overwhelm the audience. We certainly want the whole world to hear about the Bundys, the Hammonds, and the brave souls who stood for both. What we don’t want is for everyone to tune us out because they get an onslaught of phone calls, e mails, and letters that they can’t keep up with. Be polite and friendly while you’re being a squeaky wheel but not a nuisance.
We have to be careful that we don’t treat our friends like enemies. When someone is willing to listen and ask questions, they are friends. When someone takes a phone call or responds to a letter, they are a friend. They may be a friend who needs to be educated, but they certainly are not an enemy who needs to be yelled at or disrespected. As Benjamin Franklin said: “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.” Shouting and bullying won’t win people over to our cause. Love and education will win people over to our cause. 
This cause is larger than any one of us. It is larger than my family. My family has chosen to make huge sacrifices to defend the cause of liberty and the Constitution, but this isn’t about us and it isn’t about you. It is about the future of America. Don’t let personal grievances matter more to you than justice. Invite everyone to join the fight for liberty, and help them along the path. Politicians, journalists, neighbors, and random strangers on the street all respond best to loving kindness and respect. We can give both of those things in the cause of freedom. 
Let’s make America great again together!
Bailey Bundy Logue

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