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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I thought I would share this exchange from youtube between me and another person who sees things differently than me.

Zip Cotter
1 day ago · Shared publicly

So, Clive is wrong about what the law is. The United States has a Constitution and is a democracy. The courts interpret and apply the law, it is not up to each individual who thinks he knows what God thinks. He claims he is a Patriot but shows complete disregard for our way of government. Ignorance and arrogance and a readiness to use deadly force to defend both is dangerous. Reminds me of Timothy McVeigh if not Osama Bin Laden. Dangerous guy. God save us.

LaVoy Finicum
1 day ago

Dear Zip. As Martin Luther King said, "There are just laws and unjust laws". The BLMs intent was to get all the ranchers out of that area. They succeeded except for Bundy. They kept changing the regulations until he was no longer able to comply and keep ranching. At that point he said no more. I stand with Bundy because my ranch may be next. Sincerely, LaVoy

Zip Cotter
1 day ago

I get that. I don't know the history of your or his "ownership" of the land. But, you are still wrong. I am put off by your reference to MLK. He like Ghandi very deliberately and publicly broke the law and defied the government to convict and punish he and his compatriots. He was using publicity that is he was appealing to the voters directly because he knew the law would be seen as unjust and changed. He was doing it the right way for a democracy. Note: he was adamant that only nonviolent means be used. He would have lost public support if any hint of violence by his side was suggested. The policy had the dogs and the fire hoses. You're too proud to let yourself be arrested. You don't trust the public to be sympathetic to your cause. You see yourself above the law. And you are threatening violence to get what you decided should be yours. You used fear and intimidation to win the day. You are losing the public relations fight. Please keep it up. You will enlighten the country and get them thinking about the evil behind the idea of the personal freedom by owning an arsenal means you can shoot federal agents. You are an anarchist that wants to have power. By the way True patriots believe in democracy not tyrant or anarchy. You will lose. You don't get to define your own rules like some spoiled child.
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LaVoy Finicum
8 hours ago

Zip, thank you for your comment. We do see things a little differently. I hope I may share a few more thoughts with you. I rode unarmed. I have a wife, children and grand children. When I rode around that corner to face those the federal guns I knew I might never see my family again and I did it because I knew that the federal government was using the law to unjustly steal a man's property. The purest definition of democracy is, two wolves and a sheep deciding what is for dinner. In our republic, a man must be safe in his rights from the rule of the majority. I know that you and the majority of America are against Cliven Bundy. That's okay, I'm willing to die standing on this line. Do you have a line upon which you are willing to stand and die for. Most sincerely, LaVoy

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