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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bundy family statement regarding the Las Vegas shooting.

In a time such as this, how can one ever express correctly the feelings within. Our family morns for the lives that were taken. We are deeply saddened by these events. Our thoughts of concern are
for those who were so hastily left behind. Wives left without husbands and children without fathers, to love, raise and protect. Memories may be all they have to sustain them through the lonely nights ahead. What is a mother to say when a child asks; "where is daddy?".  We pray that the aching hearts of the families will be filled with the knowledge that God knows your pains. His love for you is real and tangible.  He will morn and sorrow with you while sustaining you through these times. In the end, our Eternal Heavenly Father will make right all wrongs.

The horrific acts of these two individuals must be in no way condoned or repeated. In no way are these action the answer to our nation challenges. To act in this way is to further the problems, placing more pain and sorrows on the individual families. The concerning problems this nation faces should not be meet with violence or revenge. These problems cannot be resolved quickly by any one individual or a small group. 

As a Christian nation we have been taught to "Love our neighbor as ourselves". What other law do we need? If each individual, both the governed and the governing would live by this simple rule, this nation would flourish again in peace and prosperity and be once again an ensign to the world. If adherence to the "golden rule" was the commitment of each person; the mother would not fear for violence upon her child, the locksmith would need to find another occupation, the agriculturalist would not have to fight to sustain his way of life, the government would be small and each individual comprising the government would not seek to take or control that which another has built.

What we know of Jerad and Amanda Miller is they came to the protest sight near the ranch, we do not know when they arrived. They were at the protest site for a few days. Other protesters began to express concern to the State militias of Jerad's aggressive nature and volatility. After some discussion among themselves and communication with the Millers it was determined that it was best if the MIllers leave. The Millers were asked to leave and given a few hundred dollars by one of the militia leaders. The money was given because the Millers said they had sold everything and had nothing to live on. The Bundy family was unaware of any of these actions until this week.

No detail can ever explain why the Millers did what they did. The pain of their actions do not change whether they were at Wal-Mart or Target. The Millers actions do not add to or take away from the Bundy position that the land they ranch on is State land not Federal land. The Bundy's honor federal, state and county governments in performing the duties as outlined in the Constitution of the United States. The Bundy's along with hundreds of protesters will always be grateful to the Metro officers who finally came to our rescue. Deputies like Tom Roberts, Shanan Kelly, Bret Empey and Mark McEwen. These men have saved lives and deserve to be honored, not shot at. 

The Bundy family asks that we focus on lightening the sorrows of the families that are so tragically effected by this event. The feeling of our hearts are with you.               

The Bundy Family

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