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Friday, March 6, 2015

BLM Told to 'Say Away'

After being re-invited to give a presentation in Mesquite, Bureau of Land Management representatives received threats from Ryan Bundy, son of Cliven Bundy, who said the BLM needs to “stay gone and the people won’t allow them to come back.”
BLM representatives came to discuss how to give comments on the Resource Management Plan Draft but were instead drilled with public comments mostly about the Gold Butte area.
The public mostly discussed their dislike of BLM having the ability coming in and taking over “their land” when the BLM didn’t have “constitutional rights” to the land.
“BLM does not have authority of these lands,” Ryan said. “The people will not allow roads to be closed. We’ve had a peaceful year without you running around out there, so stay gone.”
Ryan’s brother, Dave, spoke and said the BLM doesn’t have any title to the land.
Boda Cavalier, an attendee, said he would not recognize the people trying to push the plan.
“If the BLM wants to go to the field to play ball, then me and my crew will come play ball too,” he said.
The Mesquite City Council’s main concern was the March 9 deadline for comments on the RMP draft. Nearly every council member asked for an extension, but the BLM representatives present, Lee Kirk and Gayle Marrs-Smith, said it’s not a matter for them to decide. Marrs-Smith said she would carry on the message to her superiors.
The RMP is the BLM’s “master plan” for long-term issues. The plan draft covers Gold Butte along with several other areas, including an area where the proposed airport would go in Mesquite as part of the Congress bill, or Public Lands Act.
Marrs-Smith, AFM with renewable resources for the BLM, said the comment period is set to close March 9 after 150 days of being open.
Councilwoman Cindi Delaney asked why the BLM hadn’t held any public meetings in Mesquite when there have been meetings in other locations. Delaney said no one in the area really knew about the plan.
Resident Dan Lakeman spoke during public comment and said it isn’t’ the BLM’s fault the city and residents were unaware of the plan.
“The BLM has had this listed on the federal registry,” he said. “Which they are required to do. If you didn’t read the federal registry, that’s not on them – that’s on you.”
In the end, council directed staff to submit a recommendation on behalf of council in case the deadline extension was not approved.
The plan is tedious read with a combination of more than 6,000 possible plans to go in place.
Kirk said the public is free to call with any questions about the plan and he will help direct them to certain areas of the 2,000-page plan. Kirk can be reached at 702-515-5026 or by email at
If you would like to read the RMP draft and make comments before the March 9 deadline, visit .
Comments may be submitted electronically to, faxed to 702-515-5023; or mailed to 4701 N. Torrey Pines Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada 89130. Address mail to BLM Southern Nevada District Office, Las Vegas/ Pahrump Field Offices Draft RMP/Draft EIS.
In his presentation, Kirk said an effective comment would include: questions, with reasonable basis, on the accuracy of information in the RMP draft and on the adequacy of, methodology for, or assumptions used for the environmental analysis; presentation of new relevant information; and presentation of other reasonable alternatives.
Lakeman also said during public comment that comments submitted stating the BLM doesn’t have constitutional rights or “it’s our lands” would probably be filed into the “round bin.” He encouraged residents to submit constructive, thought-out comments.
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