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Monday, March 16, 2015


After hundreds of phone calls, emails and other contacts, the NRR bill will move forward and go to committee. We have made some noise, and the legislators are already taking notice. When the people unite, the elected representatives feel they have the support to stand up to the bureaucrats (including the lawyers). Our work however, is just beginning and the bill is already receiving strong opposition by federal and state bureaucrats. 

Several people have asked for the bill number, but it has not been given one yet. The number should be issued this week.  As soon as we have it, we will get it to you so you can read the bill in legal writing. The outline can be viewed now by clicking the link below.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION: We sent the bill to the legislative legal council (LCB) over six weeks ago for review. After inquiring several times and then pressing them, they finally came back and said that they were going to tag the bill as un-constitutional. When asked what part of the constitution the bill does not align with, they could not give a definite answer. The only clarification we received was that the NRR bill may be constitutional, but it does not follow federal precedence.

The precedence they are referring to is a corrupt ruling by the federal government that says the federal government has equal constitutional rights just like individuals. This ruling is one of the most blatant offense to the constitution. The whole purpose of the constitution is to limit the federal government so they are not equal to the people. The constitution (when followed) insures that the federal government does not compete with or take away the people’s rights. The NRR bill re-emphasizes the constitution by not allowing the federal government to own or control resources in Nevada unless they have followed the constitutional rules in doing so. So to tag it as unconstitutional is almost comical. 

DEFEND THE PEOPLE. The State of Nevada’s legislative legal council (LCB), wants to tag this bill as un-constitutional so they do not have to defend it. We could have told them, before we sent it to them, that it does not follow federal precedence. The primary reason for the bill is to protect the people against the federal take-over that we are all experiencing. Once again we see that the State is fearful to defend the people's rights against the feds. If the bill is tagged as un-constitutional then the legislators will be afraid to vote for it, and most likely it will not pass, or even get through the committee.

Moves like these are why the people continue to lose more and more of their rights. And why people are disgusted with politics and feel it is a waist of time. Most of the elected officials do what the full time/long time bureaucrats tell them to do. OUR VOICE MUST BE LOUD ENOUGH THAT OUR REPRESENTATIVES LISTEN TO US, OVER THEM. We have their attention now and the talk in Carson City is becoming the NRR bill. 

Please be ready to contact the legislators next. The bill will be issued a number and then we will start the emails, phone calls, letters and other contacts again. I will send you a list of those to contact. We will most likely find out who is in support and who is not, and contact those that are on the fence. We also will have to make our presence known in Carson City in the near future when the time is right. 

It is my solemn honor to know so many people that are serious about protecting freedom. I hope we can look at our children and grandchildren in the future and say we passed it on to you, now you do the same. 

Thank you, 

Ammon Bundy  

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