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Sunday, January 31, 2016

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January 29, 2016



In all things, we have sought guidance, and desired to do God, our Father’s, will!  We have studied the gospel of Jesus Christ, through his prophets, and try to understand the proper form of government, mostly the inspired US Constitution, the supreme law of the land.  Desiring freedom, that all man might be able to exercise his agency.

The US Constitution lays out a very plain simple form of inspired government.  We as a nation only need to follow it!  Our founding fathers fought the battles for freedom and laid out the plan, the supreme law.  We the People need to make beneficial use of it and defend it.

January 26, 2016, this week, LaVoy Finicum was assassinated by wicked and evil men representing our US government.  These men in local, state, and US government feared the truths that LaVoy Finicum was standing for and teaching to his fellowmen.  The truth about the supreme law of this land was more than these leaching bureaucrats could allow!  The teaching of the true principles had to stop.  Great fear needs to be put in the minds of We the People, great fear.  (The work of the devil!)  All is well.  All is well in Zion.  All is well in your government.  There cannot be a cry go out for freedom, or for property rights, state sovereignty, local government closet to the people – government by the people – for the people.  No, we cannot allow policing power be in the hands of We the People’s elected county Sheriff.  We the great bureaucracies rule and have unlimited power over these lands.  We feed our family, we buy our houses, our cars, and our offices are air-conditioned.  We have guns, cars with lights, sirens, the best communication equipment, good health care and a lush guaranteed retirement plan!  We have unlimited power.  We can buy up everything and every man’s soul with their own money and with their 18 trillion dollar debt. We are prospering.  We own the state government and their land. We buy and control their schools and their sheriff.  We control the water in the river and under the earth.  We control the airways, even the signals that pass around the world.  We, the bureaucrat, are the supreme.  We control, or at least we are about to control, the environment.  We control all the endangered species of the creatures and plants.  We control the elements in the earth and all the markets of the commodities of this earth.  Yes, all is well in Zion!

Men like LaVoy Finicum, the Bundy brothers, those patriots and those who pray for freedom and liberty and support for people, such as women like Shawna Cox – they are all crazies!  They are threatening our lifestyle, our unlimited and great authority, and our policing power.  We are the majority.  They are only a few producers, but with money and fear – we control the rest! 

(All of these great powers mentioned above, the US constitution does not give to the US government.  In the 10thAmendment only a very few enumerated powers are given by the people to the federal government.  All other powers and rights are reserved to the states respectively or to the people.)  (The Bill of Rights Article X)

With money and fear we will justify the assassination of LaVoy Finicum and make political prisoners of all that dare to lift their hand.  (We can, we will kill.)  This is our livelihood and we will protect our right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, so help me Devil!

The line is drawn between We the People. On one side, the bureaucrat, the hungry fat cat.  On the other side, the producer and the protector that cares for and multiplies and replenishes the God given resources with his blood, sweat, and tears to protect and feed this land.  The one who poursthe milk in the fat cat’s bowl!

How did America get to this point?  Is it because We the People want to take a lick or two out of the bowl?  Is it because we the rancher, the livestock industry, accepted the Taylor Grazing Act as being constitutional? The livestock industry did accept the work of the federal government in mapping and adjudicating our preempted property rights that were created through beneficial use of the renewable resources, water and forage.  The adjudicated lands are all within admitted states within the union of the United States.  When we look at the large map of the United States we see that in the west the federal government claims over 50% ownership of the land. In a state, like Nevada, they claim over 90% ownership of the land.  How can that be?  Show me.  Show me where it says in the constitution that the federal government can own mass areas of land? Only in Article 4, Section 3 of our constitution do We the People give congress unlimited power over land and congress had power to dispose of these lands. That’s exactly what they did when they admitted states to the union.  The only other power that the constitution affords the government is Article 1 Section 8 Clause 17, here We the People give congress unlimited power to legislate over 10 miles square,which is Washington DC, and other property purchased with the consent of state legislature for military purposes and other needful buildings.

So again the question is, how can the bureaucrat have so much unlimited power within an admitted state?  Who are the stewards of the land over this red area on the map? Isn’t the rancher the one with the adjudicated rights the steward of the land?  We the ranchers are responsible for this great over reach of the federal government.   We, the rancher, signed contracts with the federal government such a leases, permits and licenses.  We, the rancher, signed contracts giving the US bureaucracies unlimited power to manage our stewardship and we pay them a grazing fee to do this.  This contract between the individual and the US government puts both parties in the federal court system because one party or the other breaches something in the contract.  In the federal court system the resource user NEVER wins.  Remember a contract has been signed that says they have unlimited power.  This contract takes the constitutional jurisdiction and authority away from your local sheriff, away from your county government, away from state government giving unlimited power to the federal bureaucrats – BLM, Forest Service, US Fish & Wildlife, Park Service, EPA and etc.  This is what LaVoyFinicum, my sons, Shawna Cox, and other patriots were out in the western lands trying to teach.  This is why they assassinated LaVoy Finicum.

Cliven D. Bundy

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