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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

January 5, 2016. Letter to the sheriff

Dear Sheriff David Ward
Harney County, Oregon

    In light of the ongoing protest as a result of the oppression of many in your county, I would like to share my thoughts and offer my assistance regarding your involvement in this matter.
    You put yourself up and presented yourself to run for theelected office of Sheriff, You have been elected by the good citizens of Harney County and made an oath to them to protect their Lives, Liberties and Property.  As a sworn protector, You promised them that you would protect them from enemies both foreign and domestic.  You promised and assured them that you would support and defend the U.S. Constitution.  You solemnly swore and entered into an oath before God and the people that you would uphold these promises.
    Sheriff, your oath was not made to the federal government nor any of their corporate entities such as theBLM or Forest Service etc.   This oath was quite the contrary that created a Sacred duty, to serve, protect and defend every single one of your citizens like a hen protects her chicks against all threats.  Don’t forget who your boss is, we the people of Harney County.  For the sheriff to allow anyone or anything to violate the rights of his people, We The People, is a dereliction of duty of the highest order.
    I must ask, what happened to the protection the Hammond family did not receiveWhere were you when a foreign entity not having any constitutional power, authority and jurisdiction within your county abused your citizens? Imprisoned them, restricted them from using there resources to make a living, ruining their way of life and violating their customs and culture and charging them with heavy fines.  These were the people you swore before God and the people to protect.  Why did you forsake them?
    Have you taken sides with the Feds?  Are you scared to do your duty?  Are you ignorant to what your duties are?  Are you scared of how the Feds may react if you actually perform your sworn duties?  I would really like to know what your excuse is for not honoring your oath of office as Sheriff of Harney County.
    In the wake of your abstanance you now have some very important decisions that need to be made very soon.  It should not be a hard decision understanding your purpose of existence as stated in the oath you have taken.  The choice is simple, A. to turn a blind eye against your people and continue to collaborate with the Feds, pushing their agenda to remain in power and control over the people and their resources and to continue participating with fear mongering tactics such as shutting down schools etc. and now participating in the new growing threat of violence by the Feds toward peaceful protesters.  or B. Re-commityourself to uphold and perform your duties to We The People of Harney County and utilize the protesters that have come to your peoples assistance and say simply, no to the Feds and rid your county of their presence and tranny that they have spread across your County.
    Understand that the protesters have peacefully assembled only to support you and your people who are and have been oppressed by Federal over reach.  Understand that theirassembly is a constitutional right and act.  Understand that they do not intend any harm to anyone, they sincerely want to restore the rights, land and resources that belong to thepeople of Harney County who have pre-emptive rights to them and non other, especially any federal Corporation. Understand that Constitutionally it is impossible for the federal government to own or manage land outside the bounds and terms stated in art. 1 sec. 8 par.17 of the U.S. Constitution. Remember that governments were instituted among men & women for the security of the rights of the people and that when governments begin to abuse those rights and fail to secure them, it is up to non other than the people themselves to uphold those rights, it is their right, it is their duty to dispose of the tyrannical government infringing upon those rights. (see the Declaration of independence.)
    This sheriff is why citizens all across this nation assemble at times for regress of grievance for the respective oppression to cease.  For this reason the protesters have come to your county.  They have come hoping for your blessing and support and to support you in the changes you will need to make.  Remember that you have the authority to promote a positive and forthright outcome working with the people to create liberty and prosperity in your county.  However you also have the ability to exercise your individual agency and abuse your office and power given you to continue your lawlessness.  If you continue in this direction, I’m afraid you may have blood on your hands.
    Sheriff, I respect the office that you hold and the awesome responsibilities that are your’s and pray that you may be given the strength to say simply no to the feds, rid them of your county, give back the lands and resources to the people whom they were taken from and ultimately restore prosperity and liberty in your county.  I know that would be the right thing to do, I believe as a steward with the accountability to the people, God will be pleased with and uphold you.
    I do not reside in Oregon but can be available at your request to help you in any way I can to restore the rights of the people of Harney County.  Sincerely, your supporter.

Dave Bundy
Concerned American

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